Embed on discord greeting not working


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OS and Java Version from Startup: window 2016 server

Description of Issue: i am using the nightly build because of the discord greeting doesnt work in stable but getting this look on the greeting anyideas? i didnt change anything it is as it was before


Many Thanks


I see nowhere in our regular expression, which hasn’t changed, or our handling of embed, that would match that format. The regex supports a single word after embed, followed by a comma, for example:

(embed green, (@name) (name) just joined the server!)

(embed red, (@name) (name) just joined the server!)

Supported Colors:

                case "black": return Color.black;
                case "blue": return Color.blue;
                case "cyan": return Color.cyan;
                case "gray": return Color.gray;
                case "green": return Color.green;
                case "magenta": return Color.magenta;
                case "orange": return Color.orange;
                case "pink": return Color.pink;
                case "red": return Color.red;
                case "white": return Color.white;
                case "yellow": return Color.yellow;
                case "dark_green": return Color.green.darker().darker().darker();
                case "light_red": return Color.red.brighter();
                default: return Color.gray;


Looked at the history too, the last commit to the file was May 14th fixing a bug, so, this has been around for some time now.

I could look at a feature request to support rgb(rrr ggg bbb) or something like that.


hey IO it was part of patch notes a long while back cant remember which it had RGB on it etc. wouldst have got it anywhere else im not that good hahaha


i will update mine with a colour name


I am checking in an enhancement to provide support for the following format:

Format: (embed rrr ggg bbb, text for discord…)
Example: (embed 255 0 255, This is an embedded message for Discord)

Note that there are no commas and no rgb() statement.

I did break the 3rd test on purpose below to check the regular expression handling:

[07-11-2017 @ 13:34:18.297 MDT] [DISCORD] [#chittychittychatchat] illusionaryone: !testjoin
[07-11-2017 @ 13:34:18.319 MDT] match [255 0 255] [<@114786543234711561> IllusionaryOne just joined the server!]
[07-11-2017 @ 13:34:18.322 MDT] [DISCORD] [#chittychittychatchat] [EMBED] <@114786543234711561> IllusionaryOne just joined the server!
[07-11-2017 @ 13:34:20.736 MDT] >> Enabling hosts announcements
[07-11-2017 @ 13:34:51.060 MDT] [DISCORD] [#chittychittychatchat] illusionaryone: !testjoin
[07-11-2017 @ 13:34:51.061 MDT] match [green] [<@114786543234711561> IllusionaryOne just joined the server!]
[07-11-2017 @ 13:34:51.061 MDT] [DISCORD] [#chittychittychatchat] [EMBED] <@114786543234711561> IllusionaryOne just joined the server!
[07-11-2017 @ 13:36:16.156 MDT] [DISCORD] [#chittychittychatchat] illusionaryone: !testjoin
[07-11-2017 @ 13:36:16.157 MDT] match [100] [90, 100, <@114786543234711561> IllusionaryOne just joined the server!]
[07-11-2017 @ 13:36:16.158 MDT] [DISCORD] [#chittychittychatchat] [EMBED] 90, 100, <@114786543234711561> IllusionaryOne just joined the server!
[07-11-2017 @ 13:36:38.950 MDT] [DISCORD] [#chittychittychatchat] illusionaryone: !testjoin
[07-11-2017 @ 13:36:38.951 MDT] match [0 255 255] [<@114786543234711561> IllusionaryOne just joined the server!]
[07-11-2017 @ 13:36:38.952 MDT] [DISCORD] [#chittychittychatchat] [EMBED] <@114786543234711561> IllusionaryOne just joined the server!

Yes, the debug “match” statements were removed before releasing any code changes. :slight_smile:


Thank IO for all your info much apriciated :slight_smile:


Welcome as always! The above RGB item will be in the next Nightly Build (12 July).



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