Enhancing Keyword functionality


The Keyword functionality, especially when using regex, seems a little underpowered.

1 - The keyword, especially if it’s long, is truncated, and can’t be edited. Makes it hard to maintain/manage regex keywords.
2. Keywords don’t support (touser) in the response.


What parts are underpowered? If you know how to write efficient and good regular expressions, you can do pretty much anything with a regular expression. I hear people say “shell script isn’t powerful” yet I can pull off things in one line of shell script that some folks write entire Perl/Python scripts for :wink:

Can you provide an example in the Control Panel?

I do not believe there are any plans to support tags in keywords. It is meant to be a reply/response, not a custom command.


The regex bit is longer than what can be displayed, so I can’t actually edit the regex after the keyword is set. Clicking the edit/pencil tool does nothing (unlike with the Blacklist). This means I have to have the regexes copied somewhere else if I want to store/edit them. And I can’t just edit an existing regex keyword, I have to delete and make a new one.

The no-tags thing isn’t make or break, but it is nice if in a reply/response fashion it can include the (touser) because it highlights the message in the user’s chat, making it more noticeable, especially in a fast-moving chat.


The example helps a lot. The underlying reason, originally, was that there wasn’t regular expression support, yet folks asked for it. Folks have then been writing very complex regular expressions that wasn’t entirely expected.



Just to clarify, is the pencil/edit button supposed to do anything? When I click on it, it doesn’t do anything.


It performs the write (save) function.

1718 changes the icon to a drive icon.


I know this thread has been dead for a while, but I would also like to voice support/demand for this functionality. I use LOTS of regex in keywords, as well as long keywords in general, and having an edit function within the panel would be stellar.


We have considered removing regular expression support from keywords. We originally weren’t even sure if we should have implemented it and it causes issues for folks that do not write efficient and compact regular expressions. Add in the fact that Rhino does not support some regular expression features, and it makes for a difficult to support feature.

Keywords are really meant to be, well, keywords, not keyphrases. As such, the panel was designed for keywords - a word. We already had to hack at the panel to support characters that it was never meant to support which has added layers of complexity. A possibility may end up being rejecting anything that is more than one word in the future and bringing this feature back to its original intent.


:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

For whatever it’s worth, I’d be very sad if that needed to happen, but understand the reasoning behind it.

EDIT: What about a keyphrases section then?


Ability to edit keywords will be added in our next release.