Entering a user database (name, points, seconds watched) to Phantombot



I hope I am not asking a question already answered. I tried to search for it, but couldn’t find a response.

I was able to recover my user database (from my previous bot) into an excel. The spreadsheet contains the twitch names, points and seconds watched in separate columns.

I was hoping to get some advice on transferring this data into Phantombot or if it’s possible at all.

Thanks in advance.


If you have a CSV file, you can play with that some perhaps with SQLiteBrowser (free software). It has an import to table function via CSV file. I haven’t used it, I just know it is there.


I have been trying this for about a week and it seems that even when you get Ankhbot to export split excel files via cloud server and then convert them to CSV, when you try to open/import into any AQL software, the file is encrypted.
Apparently Ankhbot have encrypted the database files and all exported files so they cannot be read.


Yep, a simple search of the forums links to an updated post about the converter and why it was removed in the last update.


I am now manually entering over 1000 users worth of names and points. Not a happy bunny :frowning:


If you have the file in an Excel sheet, can you copy/paste into a new spreadsheet? Then export that as CSV?


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