Error when using !rolemanager togglesyncpermissions


PhantomBot Version: 2.3.9 (Revision: 37009b50)
OS Version: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
Java Version: 1.8.0_144
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Google Chrome - Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Stock PhantomBot: YES
Any Recent Changes to Your System: NO

Description of Issue:
Hi All,

Seem to be having trouble with the !rolemanager togglesyncpermissions command in Discord. Any time I try to run the command I am getting the following:

[10-08-2017 @ 20:43:27.916 GMT] [DISCORD] [#mods_only] sir simon roth: !rolemanager togglesyncpermissions
[10-08-2017 @ 20:43:46.864 GMT] [ERROR] [lambda$createRole$7()] Failed to create role: [MissingPermissionsException] Missing permissions: MANAGE_ROLES!
[10-08-2017 @ 20:43:46.865 GMT] [ERROR] [lambda$createRole$7()] Failed to create role: [MissingPermissionsException] Missing permissions: MANAGE_ROLES!
[10-08-2017 @ 20:43:46.868 GMT] [ERROR] [lambda$createRole$7()] Failed to create role: [MissingPermissionsException] Missing permissions: MANAGE_ROLES!

However I have confirmed that the Bot has the correct permissions on Discord. I even went so far as to make it a full admin and basically allow everything that I could, no change. I checked for settings for this in PhantomBot, but was unable to see anything that would enable/disable this feature so I’m not sure what (or where) I’m missing.



Explicitly give it the “Manage Roles” permission, also is required to have a higher spot in the role hierarchy than the user it’s trying to give a role to.


I have granted it every possible right/permission I can in Discord, including Manage Roles. Additionally, I have placed it at the top of the Roles listing in Discord. Issue still presents.


Make sure the bot has the Administrator permission in its own role, it should be default if you used the invite link provided in the setup guide.


I’m not sure how much clearer I can be… It has EVERY level of permission available in Discord.


Is that role set on the bot? Maybe try restarting the bot, I don’t why errors would be thrown when it has all permissions.


Yes, that is the Bots role on the server. I have restarted the bot several times, no change.


Try kicking the bot from your server and making it join again.


Looks like it was something to do with the bot instance itself on the discord side of things. I removed the app and recreated it and it is now working as expected. So not an issue with PhantomBot, but an issue with Discord itself.


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