Extra points for subscribers


Hi guys,
I want to use 1.2 bonus for my subscribers. How i can launch that for my subs?
i tried to put this bonus here but seems it’s not working solution.

Should i use only 1, 2, 3, 4 bonuses insteed of 1.2, 2.2, 3.2?



changing those values overwrite the payout for that group, if you set subscribers to 10, subscribers will gain 10 points. It’s not a multiplier.


thanks, but where can i change multiplier for subs?


If you want it as a multiplier, you will need to manually calculate it. For example:
Default: 10 points per payout (ppp).
Subscribers: 50% extra ppp
Therefore set subscribers to 15ppp.

It’s not a multiplier, it’s an exact value. If you want a specific multiplier, you’ll need to calculate the resultant value and just specify that.


so, if i want use multiplier 1.2 it’s wont work?


That would just give them 1.2 points a payout. I’m not certain how the rounding works, but I think it accounts for decimals.

Following my example above, you’d want to set this to 12.


i just gave 5 point to my followers and 6 for subs.


Cool, good to hear it’s working for you. :slight_smile: