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OS Version:Win 10
Java Version: 8 151
Browser and Version: Chrome 65.0.3325.181
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

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I just yesterday upgraded from to

I had used the Youtube player to create a playlist. and it seemed to save the songs but now that I’m in 0.3 it does not have the playlist. what file does the youtubeplaylist get stored in so that I can move it from the old folder to the new one?

thank you


Your custom playlists are stored in YourBotFolder/addons/youtubePlayer/.

But if you don’t know where it’s stored, it means that your have never put custom playlists in this folder.

So I guess you talk about default playlist which is stored in phantombot.db in config folder.

But you only complain about the loss of the playlist, not the commands, points and other things.

It means that you copied your old phantombot.db and default playlist must be in its place.



Hi! When you upgraded did you migrate the files from the “config” folder from the old installation to the new one?


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