Fortnite wins command


I’ve been trying to create a Custom API command that shows my current Fortnite wins (total), but I can’t get it to work.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Can you provide us with the API you were trying to use?



Here you go: Fortnite Tracker - API

Thanks in advance.


I don’t play Fortnite, so I do not have an account to test with.

You would create an API key. They say that you have to provide the API key in a header, not as a parameter, so a custom script or change to the Java Core would have to be developed. The commands tags for custom commands do not support sending data in a header.

It looks like you go here to create an API key: PUBG Tracker - Create API Key

I assume the key is sent with an Authentication header based on the vague documentation from the link given. I assume the key is either Authentication or Authorization, maybe if you register for an API key they provide more information.


you could do this.

Create a !fortnite command so anyone can check their stats:


If you want to create a !wins command you would add the following:


just change EPICUSERNAME to your epic username




Good to see someone providing a bridge service to make life easier!


Thank you man :slight_smile:


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