Game Code Distribution



I’ve had a quick look but failed to find a post describing a similar feature. If I’ve missed it though, i’d appreciate any links or hints :slight_smile:

So a friend of mine often streams games such as Jackbox. They are great community driven games, but can be a pain from a troll prospective. There are ways of kind of managing that (which are separate to this), but I was wondering if there is either existing capability or a demand for a plugin where the streamer could set a game-code, and then based on permissions/points/etc, a user could type a command and the bot would whisper that game-code to them.

Would even be awesome if the bot could monitor chat and if someone pasted the code, it would remove that message.

I’ve had a little experience writing custom plugins so would be happy to take it on as a project, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t reinventing the wheel first.


they could easily make a command like !jackbox that does /w (sender) jackbox code is then the code


Ahh good shout. Didn’t realise you could simply make the bot do /w