Games proposals


Hi, I have a question about games. All the time I am looking for the possibility to tie two game possibilities.

Game 1
Command !steal so that there is the possibility that the viewer steals another for his points, which can go well and he can get points between 1 - 100 or it fails and he gets the points himself stolen by the viewer he wanted to steal.

Game 2
Command !fight - this should be about fighting for a so-called bounty here. These options will randomly determine whether it works or you divorce - for each failure, we increased the bounty by 100 points.

Unfortunately, I am not so clever of javascripten can. I already tried the one or the other video looked at but unfortunately I am the person who understands this system.

Therefore, my question to the community if there is someone who scirpten something like that. And maybe here then can provide.

So little something my English is very bad so I read this text translated. Therefore, I apologize very much for mistakes that are in here.

Would be very much looking forward to an answer …


I do like the !steal idea which is easier then the bounty system. At the moment nothing like it exists.

Our hands are a bit full at the moment with the panel and other parts of the bot. You can either hire someone who knows Javascript, Learn it yourself, or wait for us to finish up on the most important parts of the bot.