GameWisp Integration Setup


This guide serves to explain how to configure GameWisp with PhantomBot. Note that while PhantomBot development does not provide support for GameWisp itself, we do provide help trying to get the integration working. If there are any questions that revolve around how to configure your GameWisp account please contact GameWisp.

  1. Create a GameWisp account.

  2. Obtain a GameWisp authorization token from the following URL:

  3. Enter the tokens provided by the webpage into the botlogin.txt as directed.

  4. Reboot PhantomBot if it is running

  5. Be sure to enable the gameWispHandler.js module if it is not via the Panel or chat (!module enable ./handlers/gameWispHandler.js) or console (module enable ./handlers/gameWispHandler.js)

If people are entering your chat that are subscribed to GameWisp, please have them log out of chat, enable debugging from the Console (debugon), then ask them to log in. Verify that GameWisp is returning data properly. Turn off debugging from the Console (debugoff).

Note that trial accounts do not fire subscriber-new events from GameWisp and they will not be greeted in chat, however, people with trial accounts will still be moved to the Subscribers group.

GameWisp Commands:

!gamewisp - This is the root configuration command and shows the usage.
!gamewisp submessage [message] - Message to present in chat for new subscribers.
!gamewisp resubmessage [message] - Message to present in chat for re-subscribers.
!gamewisp togglemessage [on/off] - Enable/disable sending sub/resub messages in chat.
!gamewisp reward [points] - Points to give to new subscribers.
!gamewisp resubreward [points] - Points to give to re-subscribers.

!gamewisptier - This is the root configuration command and shows the usage.
!gamewisptier songrequests [tier] [number] - Additional number of songs user may request belonging to a tier.
!gamewisptier bonuspoints [tier] [number] - Set/view point percentage bonus, use whole numbers (30 = 30%)
!gamewisptier subbonuspoints [tier] [number] - Additional bonus points to award for different tiers upon subscription and re-subscription on top of the given reward or resubreward points.