Generic Versatile Queues


The queue system could be more generic to handle more things. Two that I have in mind is a raid queue and questions queue.
Raid Queue: I wanted users to be able to use a command like “!raidrequest [streamer name]” that would cost 1000 points to be able to put another streamer in a queue to be raided at the end of our stream.
Questions Queue: A command like “!question [question]” followed by a question to be put into a queue during a AMA or Q&A sessons to help filter questions from chat.

If you could have multiple instantiations of queues that could be longer lived (intended to exist across multiple streams or forever), have a custom command, and have a custom points cost could solve both these problems.

This might even be a solution or a partial solution for: Raid/Host Database


A viewer suggested queue for an audio-based game I play (Audioshield) so viewers could requests songs and not have them get lost in chat.
This queuing system could solve the problem where I could create a song requested queue so I can pop them off after each song.