Gif alert with custom text and Command user name



Will you please consider modifying GIF Alert system to be able to show custom message and username of the user who triggered the alert with the command, not in chat but at http://localhost:25005/alerts.

And in How to Gif Alert section the local host is still 25000

Thank you in advance


The documentation is correct, port 25005 has been dropped and no longer supported in recent versions of PhantomBot.

Date:   Fri Jun 23 10:28:59 2017 -0300

    - Cleanup in classes.
    - Removed notice about the old HTTP server on port
    25005 being removed.
    - Updated the RevloBot converter method.
    - Removed the server on port 25005
    - Removed the server on port 25005

I do presume you mean this documentation: