Gif alert with custom text in screen (not in chat)


I would like to know if it’s possible make an alert that shows a custom text with a gif in the screen, not in chat, similar to what Revlo used to do. I want the gif to be shown with a custom text, like a username, without having to manually doing it, i know i can show a gif with sound and a alert text in chat.
Thanks for the support!


The only way of doing this would be to make your own gif then have the bot trigger it with a command.


Ok, so it’s not possible. Do you have plans to add a custom text (not in chat) with a gif in the future?


You could file a feature request. I do not see anything on the roadmap as of yet. We will look at, add to our internal board, discuss internally, and see if it can be prioritized. That doesn’t mean it is done in a day. That means it is on our roadmap and would be considered for a future release, unfortunately, we do not provide ETAs. It can also come to pass that another member of the community sees the request and fills it.



That’s all right, thanks for the support. I’m just replacing Revlo with Phantombot so i’m trying to adapt to the way i want.


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