GIF Duration


I want to know if is possible to customize the duration of the gifs alerts




But the audio continues and the gif end before the audio ends and are the same duration


No, the audio file just plays the total length and doesn’t care about the duration. The duration only affects the image. The audio is handled by an HTML5 subsystem which just plays the file. The image has no idea, nor does it care, how long the audio is. You asked about the GIF, not the audio. The audio will play in its entirety.


But can you modify the gif alert duration? because I have a gif of 23sec and only shows about 4sec duration


From the thread he posted:

You can also add the time you want the gif to play for, simply add a comma after the gif name and place the seconds. !addcom !command (alert gifname.gif,5)


Here is one that I set to 30 seconds:

So, should be working properly. No space between the comma (,) and the integer (5 – or whatever value you choose). The bot doesn’t determine the length of the GIF, especially because folks may want to either play a portion of one or play a loop for so many seconds. It defaults to cut off the GIF after 3 seconds.

The information was provided in the FAQ that I pointed to. Please review that document for more information.


It’s a loop right? Can’t be modified? because I don’t want a loop of the gif otherwise the full duration


There is not a loop in the code. It uses JavaScript timers. You are free to modify the code for your own personal situation. You will have to find a method to determine how long the GIF is if you wish to set the timer to that amount, or know it in advance and set the duration accordingly.


Sorry my gif was glitch out, thanks for the time and all the replies


You got it working then? Good deal.


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