Going Live Errors


PhantomBot Version: 2.3.9 (Revision: 65a2515)
OS Version: Linux Mint 18.2
Java Version: openjdk version “1.8.0_144”

the going live message for twitter is broken???


Looks like (streamer) was custom do i have to add it back but API-Error is still a thing

also error

[10-20-2017 @ 14:37:52.415 BST] [ERROR] [init.js:308] (hook.call, twitchOnline, ./discord/handlers/streamHandler.js) TypeError: Cannot find function getLogoLink in object [email protected]


Looks like you might not have updated your core. Be sure to also update the jar file as well.

     * Returns the logo link.
    public String getlogoLink() {
        return this.logoLink;


Its defo in the code its just being wierd? no idea why its doing this?

I have also ran it straight from within /home/justalixe/NetBeansProjects/PhantomBot/dist/PhantomBot-2.3.9 too and same bug ???


Fixed in f12bb8e


Thanks forks fine now but where ever it detechs there is an update also needs updating as i get Oct 20 23:48:37 justalixe-PC launch-service.sh[25068]: [10-20-2017 @ 23:48:37.609 BST] New PhantomBot Release Detected: v2.3.9 now lol


That’s normal I bumped the version to It will say once it’s fully released


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