Greet a member from Discord in Twitch chat


Hey all, I’ve searched for this feature but I haven’t had any luck so far.

The idea would be that anyone who has linked their Twitch and Discord would be greeted in chat, e.g. “user is here from the Discord Community!” - does something like this already exist? Again I’ve attempted to find something but I’ve had no luck so far.



You could easily write this feature in with a custom script – though I’m not sure how it’d impact performance.


With the chat limits Twitch has, having something like this isn’t scalable at all for PhantomBot.


Something like this in a custom script ???

$.bind('discordChannelJoin', function(event) {
    var username = event.getUsername();
    $say(username + ' Has joined our discord');


Yes Dakoda. :slightly_smiling_face: