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PhantomBot Version:
OS Version:windows 10 10.0 (amd64)
Java Version:1.8.0_121-b13
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):Chrome 64 bit beta
Stock PhantomBot: yes

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phantombot’s command list shows no way to change the default greeting and in either gui (beta or default) i cant find a way to modify the global greeting. ive tried this version, and the stable release to try to find a way. Is there some way to set up a global greeting, and disable custom greetings so that i can use it as more of a notification when someone joins my channel?

also, if someone could suggest a way to test the greeting system that would be marvelous.


First part of your question… Look at 9th line in YourBotFolder/scripts/systems/greetingSystem.js

I agree that this should quite definitely have its own field in Alerts –> Greeting Settings tab.


appreciated. further testing: i updated the line with the greeting i wanted (just to test, i set it to hello world.) when i went into my dashboard to test it, i ran my command !greeting enable default.

it responded with “Changed your personal greeting to “(name) joined!”.”

the line exactly reads:
defaultJoinMessage = $.getSetIniDbString(‘greeting’, ‘defaultJoin’, ‘hello world! (name)’),

is the bot not reading the script properly? is it reading it directly out of the jar file and ignoring this .js chunk? what precisely is going on?


Restart bot?


restarting for a second time, updates incoming:

same results. sighs also, im no longer using the dev build, im using the safe default build.

edit: im going to wipe my folder, and reinstall, then try again. I dont have many custom settings yet so its no loss.


Works for me:

ME: !greeting enable default
[CHAT] @ME, Changed your personal greeting to: (name) присоединился к нам

Make sure you edit greetingSystem.js just for the bot copy you’re running.



edit greetingsystem.js with notepad++;

set lines 8/9 to : "
var autoGreetEnabled = $.getSetIniDbBoolean(‘greeting’, ‘autoGreetEnabled’, true),
defaultJoinMessage = $.getSetIniDbString(‘greeting’, ‘defaultJoin’, ‘(name) hello world!’),

close bot, boot again:

EnBOTened: !greeting enable default
EnBOTened: @EnBOTened Changed your personal greeting to “(name) joined!”.

this has got me really salty.

Phantombot not reading from greeting system script correctly


P.S. No need to edit 8th line – autoGreetEnabled is the default setting for newly installed bot, you can change it in Alerts –> Greeting Settings anyway.


Try this:

  1. Stop the bot.

  2. Open phantombot.db which is in YourBotName/config folder with any SQL editor (you can use free SQLiteManager).

  3. Do this:

  4. Start the bot and check the result with !greeting enable default in chat.


There is not a global greeting. People must opt into greetings, you cannot just turn on greetings for users. Interestingly, this was brought up not by channel owners but viewers that complained that they like to lurk and not be announced to the world. The greeting system is based on Twitch’s JOIN event, which also does not fire at times and is not guaranteed to fire when chats reach a certain size.

The user may change their greeting message with !greeting enable This is my greeting message for when I join chat. This is also how they choose to be announced in the first place; just enabling the feature does not automatically greet everyone that joins chat.

Also, changing this code:

defaultJoinMessage = $.getSetIniDbString(‘greeting’, ‘defaultJoin’, ‘(name) hello world!’),

Would not do what you are expecting. It gets from the database else sets a new value, please refer to the DB documentation in the Documentation area in the forums. As a value was already in the database, it would not change it.

With regards to testing, greetings are also on a forced 6 hour delay so that if a user joins/leaves/joins/leaves, the bot does not spam chat. If you would like the ability to test, please open a feature request, we already have a way to test the join event, but we have it fire off randomly created names, it would probably need a parameter to match a user that has greetings enabled.


Yes, I guess we both know it, that’s why I said:


With regards to support SLA, and hoping that development saw this after one hour:

This morning I was taking my 12 year old to a birthday party and had work commitments to complete. I am sure the rest of the team was visiting with family or had other things going on. Please understand that this is an open source side project for the team, we do our best but cannot provide instant-turn-around-support.



I’ve been meaning to finish my greetings system that can welcome everyone, but I’ve just been too busy with other things. Feel free to test it out. There is no language file as of now for it.


!greeting toggle - Toggles the auto greetings. This does not affect custom greetings.
!greeting togglenew - Toggle if the greeting system should only welcomes users that have never joined the channel before. Custom greetings are not affected by this.
!greeting message [message] - Sets the default greeting message for when users join the channel without a custom greeting message.
!greeting joinreward [amount] - Sets a reward for users who join the channel for the first time.
!greeting custom [message] - Sets a custom greeting for yourself. Use --remove as the message if you want to remove it.
!greeting setcustom [username] [message] - Sets a custom greeting for a user. Use --remove as the message if you want to remove it.

greetingsSystem.js (7.1 KB)

Greeting system
PhantomBot Greeter
Anyway to Welcome first time viewers?

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