"Guess the Number" Custom Module Request (Paid)


Hello all!
As part of our initial build we have some custom modules we need help creating (we will pay!)

The first of which we are dubbing “Guess the Number”

We need the ability to start 2 minute (event timer) “Guess the Number” event. Viewers will pay 100 points (entry cost) and enter a number (guess) down to 2 decimal points. Upon completion of the event, all of the guesses along with their user names (and/or email?) would be compiled into a comma or pipe delimited .txt document that we could then open in excel and sort by guess amount to determine later on who ended up being the closest.

In the dashboard setting, we would like to:
-set how long the event will allow entries.
-set the point cost of each guess
-limit the number of guesses a user makes.
-limit the max and min guess amounts.
-possibly some auto-messaging?

If anyone has the skills and abilities to create a module like this, we would love to hire them as a freelancer to create a few other modules as well. This however we believe will be the most complex.



I’ve actually wrote a module like this in the past, however it was command based.

The problem right now is that you want to be able to use the dashboard, and it’s going to be changing at some point. You could have a person write the code for the beta panel but even then it’d have to be merged over when the beta panel goes live, and seeing as it’s beta functionality could change.


Hmm… can you provide additional info about the panel change? Previous custom modules won’t be compatible? Do we having timing on the BETA panel yet?


Once you modify the panel you’re making a separate variant that we do not provide support for. You’ll need to keep it updated with any changes/updates/fixes we push to the version that ships with the bot.

The beta panel is a completely new panel for the bot, and we do not provide ETA’s.


I only have access to the same information you do, which can be found here:

As Koji said they don’t provide an ETA for new features/releases, so I don’t know when it’s released.

The easiest way to get this working is to make it command based. I used to have a panel based custom module as well but keeping it updated with the bot was a hassle even though it was just copy-pasting changes. I also don’t know many people who would want to write work that they’d have to keep redoing, so you’d be stuck on your own once the panel gets changed.


If I may ask, are we forced to upgrade to the Beta once it goes live? Could we stick to the old version that’s working for us?


You can port whatever you feel like, we will be dropping support for the old panel when the beta one becomes part of the main build. However that won’t really affect you if you’re running a custom variant, as you would be voiding support for issues anyways.

You would be foolish to do so however, the beta panel is a vast improvement over the current.


Okay, sounds like it’s worth waiting for! Have you posted patch notes anywhere so we know what to be excited about! :slight_smile:


like @UsernamesSuck said check out PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.1 for info and check it out for yourself to see whats coming :slight_smile: