Having issues with the Playlist importer again


so Ive posted before and have been able to get it fixed. ive done exactly what I did last time, I use the playlist importer to create a file called freemusic.txt which is from a playlist consisting of royalty free music no copyright, I uploaded it to the VPS along with my other playlist file, then I went into the bot and did !playlist importpl file free freemusic.txt and when I try to load it from the audio section of the bot it does nothing, I check the SSH panel and I’m getting this error message.

[ERROR] [init.js:319] (hook.call, command, ./systems/youtubePlayer.js) TypeError: Cannot call method “pushPlayList” of null


Please fill in this infomation

PhantomBot Version:
OS Version:
Java Version:
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):
Stock PhantomBot: Yes/No (Yes if you have not modified the scripts or Java Core)


PhantomBot Version: 2.3.8 (Revision: a3f7c51d)
OS Version: win 10
Java Version: java not compatible with edge
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): edge…newest one I guess
Stock PhantomBot: Yes/No (Yes if you have not modified the scripts or Java Core)


Oh and phantom bot is stock, no changes since original download


Do you have any idea what could be going wrong and how do I import this file to make it a playlist? I followed the exact steps someone gave me a few months ago and it worked then but I can’t get the new one to work


I would update to as that version is out dated


That doesn’t give me an answer tho why it’s not working, Why is it not importing the playlist ?


I don’t see why it’s necessary to update it, i stream very little but I like to have some music when I do and I know the feature to create playlists work I just don’t know why it’s not working or what I did wrong here I would like to get it working by tonight


There’s no reason not to update it, for all you know the bug you’re dealing with was fixed in a new release.


Problem is i have no idea what I’m doing if I were to update and how to keep all my current information. I like to just stay with The familiar


Updating should be as easy as downloading a zip, extracting it, and then moving a couple of files into the extracted folder.

Here’s an update guide:


It did not work, I updated the bot followed instructions everything is like I had it, but none of my playlists are there, I have my file called free.txt that’s in the addons/youtubeplayer , I tried to use the SSH prompt and the chat on panel to do !playlist importpl file freemusic free.txt … nothing happens and when I try to load up the youtube player it just gives me the same error I posted at the beginning. so what now?


Try this playlist and see if it works if it does then look at the format difference

Random.txt (12.4 KB)


So I was able to just load it using the SSH terminal but for some reason it wouldn’t work from chat ?


Can you show me your text file please?


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