Host message not displaying in chat


PhantomBot Version: Stable v2.3.9
OS Version: windows server 2008 SP2
Java Version: java 1.8.0_144
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):
Stock PhantomBot: Yes
Any Recent Changes to Your System: No

We have !toggleme turned on in the bot and the Host messages aren’t posting in chat when the channel is hosted. After doing some testing it seems to work when the bot doesn’t respond with .me . I think this could be similar to the fix that was posted in 1780 . If you need any other information please let me know.



Hosts have a cooldown, if someone is trying to host it twice within a period of time the bot will ignore it. Also, if you have a minimum amount of viewers set for triggering the alert and the channel doesn’t meat that requirement, the bot will also ignore it.


Seems to be fine with /me using the test method for firing the event that Twitch throws:



Gahhh I just tested it again to get you guys screenshots and now it seems to work on my test accounts. Sorry and thanks for the quick replies.


No problem. You can also always test your host messages from the Console with hosttest which will generate a random name. You can also do hosttest somename (i.e. hosttest illusionaryone) to test the cooldown feature. Yes, it sticks crud in your host history, but, if you do want to just test it out, it works well for that.



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