How can I hide Phantom bot behind cloudflare?


I have phantombot running on a VPS (Debian) and a domain, but everything goes through Cloudflare.

However, the only way I can access the youtube player playlist is by http://IP:25000

using doesn’t work.

what I would like to do is have it so someone can either access or and both access phantombot.

I want the IP hidden at all times.



This topic has some useful information for you.


You’ll want to look into a reverse proxy for this. I’d recommend either nginx or apache.


Thank you, that works.

Here’s the code for Lighttpd incase this shows up on Google

$HTTP[“host”] =~ “” {
proxy.server = ( “” => ("" => ( “host” => “”, “port” => 25000 )))

mod_proxy needs to be enabled (lighty-enable-mod proxy)

And thank you for the bot


Ok this doesn’t actually work.

Not everything shows up correctly.

The user/points tables don’t show up, and neither does the marker next to toggle

Doesn’t work for ytplayer or playlist either. Seems like anything involving JavaScript is broken?


Make sure you have your reverse proxy handle port 25004 (panel socket) and 25003 (YouTube player socket)


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