How to find my client ID


I am trying to set up my bot on discord. I do not know how to find my client Id. please help


Follow this guide it will show you (right above the create as bot button)


I have followed that guide but it just says “add your client ID here” I can’t find my client ID nor do I know how to find it. I have done everything in this guide up to the copy and paste you “client ID”


as i said above… look 2 lines above the Create a Bot User button

img here


There are pictures in the guide that show everything you need, might need to disable any ad/script blockers or use a more modern browser (Chrome/Firefox).


Wow thanks I am so dumb. lol i was expecting it to say phantombot when i put it there, duh that is what they named it. wow thanks so much. I am new to all of this stuff


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