How to import youtube songs without the url?



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Hi, if you look at the 3rd picture below in this link, YouTube Player Documentation, it looks like you can type something into notepad like, “Barcode Brothers - Flute” instead of

I registered my Youtube API key according to Acquire YouTube API Key. I get this message and this message only when I try to import a notepad file with only words and not URLs:

Import Complete! Successfully imported 0 songs and failed to import 3 songs from epic.txt to playlist epic

So, is it possible to import epic.txt files without the url? It seems a bit cumbersome to manually copy and paste every youtube link into the phantombot playlist file.

Also, what does registering your youtube API key let you do in phantombot?

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You can use something like this or any third party tool that’ll generate urls based off a playlist ID into a txt file.

Once you have your file, throw it into the addons/ytplayer folder, import it via !playlist importpl file playlistname filename.txt, and then follow the YouTube player documentation.


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