How to setup a point system with PhantomBot (NewUser)


Hi all!

My name is Jettbuster and I am currently attempting to use Phantombot for all of its great tools that it provides. However, I don’t fully understand how to configure everything. I was wondering if anyone or any of the developers could provide me information on how to set up a point system or explain to me on how to configure one. I play a lot of league of legends and I’m currently attempting to set up a point system using names like “PoroPizzas” and PoroPizzaPoints". However, I don’t know how to get the system to where it will help me set up to cash in and out “PoroPizzaPoints”. If anyone is willing to help me in regards to this it would be great. If you wanna get ahold of me I would suggest sending me a friend request in league of NA and my gamer tag is “Jettbuster” I will accept it right away as needed. However, you can also update this topic so that I may see your suggestions. If anyone could help me I would be forever grateful.