How would I keep my current bot's points but reinstall the bot?


Simply put - I’m wondering if there’s a way for me to export then reimport the points users have accumulated in my stream while I make a fresh install of Phantombot - I’m pretty sure I mucked something up in the code for song requests and after trying to fix it for a few days I figure it’d just be simpler to reset the entire bot and start from scratch again, but I don’t want the people in my chat to lose all the points they’ve accumulated! Is there any way for me to keep them when I reinstall the bot?



All your settings are stored in a file called botlogin.txt, you can find this in the config folder.

All your data (points, time spent in chat, etc, etc), is stored in a file called phantombot.db. Like the previous file, it too can be found in the config folder.

These are the only two files you need when moving to a new installation of PhantomBot, unless you’ve got custom scripts you want to move over. Don’t get confused though, as there is a phantombot.db-journal file which you DO NOT need.

If you have custom scripts you have to move those on your own.


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