I'm in need of a Custom Script


Hello, I’m in need of someone with some JavaScript coding experience to put together a rather difficult script to work with PhantomBot. It’s not something I can do on my own because I have no knowledge or understanding of JavaScript. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trying to find a Freelancer who might be able to help, but I haven’t been very successful.

Anyway… What I’m looking for is basically an “If, Then, Else”:

User A types !sk on my Twitch Channel. The Bot recognizes a command was entered and says [User] has initiated a Stream King Challenge. The cost of initiating the challenge will always be 35 Points, but it needs to rise by 15 Points (for everyone) each time a User fails to defeat the Stream King. When a User types !sk it will determine one of four responses:

  1. [User A] was miniaturized, then squished. [User B] remains the Stream King.
  2. [User A] has become the new Steam King! Unfortunately, Steam isn’t supported on this stream… [User B] remains the Stream King.
  3. [User A] got transformed into a frog. [User B] remains the Stream King.
  4. [User A] has defeated [User B], becoming the new Stream King!

If it’s #4, it puts [User A]'s name into a .txt file, replacing the previous name that was in there. This .txt file is what OBS will read tp show the stream who the current Stream King is. The second .txt file is the Slain Counter. So if we assume [User A] is the Stream King and [User B] types !sk, but receives response #1 - 3, the Slain Counter for [User A] will rise by +1 and the cost for everyone will rise by +15 Points. The third .txt file is the Leaderboard, showing the names of the top three Stream Kings, including their # of Kills.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been trying to find someone to help incorporate this, but I’m not having much luck.


Hey Everyone, I’m just checking in again since nobody seems to have responded, so I am willing to provide a cash incentive to anyone willing to complete this.


I mostly haven’t responded because I’m unsure on the rules on paid scripts/services. While there’s nothing in the rules that says we can’t, there’s also nothing that says we can.

Stuff like this I usually handle off-forums, simply because it’s not usually in the interest of the forum owners to handle the issues that arise when one party doesn’t hold up their end (not saying you wouldn’t, it’s just my reasoning). Basically, I don’t find it fair to make the forum staff handle scam reports when it wasn’t their fault.

That being said, if you would like to contact me outside of the forums you’re welcome to message me on twitter.


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