Info not transferring to Linux


Hello, been using the bot on my windows PC. wanted to make it run 24/7 on a separate machine. I use a VPS server and am able to run the bot just fine but none of my info from windows carried over. I transferred the complete folder to the server but it lost all settings and info about follower and points. How do i migrate this information to the Linux bot.


When using a VPS you need to open ports so the information can pass through. All your settings are saved within the phantombot.db and botlogin.txt, so make sure that’s on your VPS.

See the setup guide here:


As long as you transferred everything including the botlogin.txt and the phantombot.db it should work, I run it on windows sometimes but have just transferred it to a linux server without issues!


I use the root login, I was able to access the panel on the vps from my pc. So I believe the ports should already be open


A VPS might have seperate firewall settings. I use Digital Ocean, and they have separate firewall settings, configured on the site itself, not from inside the server.

Unrelated note, for reasons of security and stuff, would advise not using a root account for running the bot. I would recommend creating a non-admin-level account for running it in, basically sandboxing the whole thing.


My hosting company do the same thing, if they have a firewall on their dashboard you need to open the port there and also on the machine itself. If you’re using Centos7 you can use the following command to open the ports as root.
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=25000-25004/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload


my issue was that the file was not allowed to be read, written, or executed


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