Intergrations? (Website)


PhantomBot Version: Latest
OS Version: Windows Server 2016
Java Version: 8
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Chrome
Stock PhantomBot: Yes/No (Yes if you have not modified the scripts or Java Core) No


I have an admin panel on my website and I would like to put all the panel in that.

Is it possible?

If a feature is not working, please provide console output, output from chat, logs, some sort of additional information to help us troubleshoot and provide assistance as needed:



I don’t entirely understand what you’re asking here. Are you saying you have an admin template hosted on your website and you’re looking to integrate the PhantomBot panel into that?




Any ideas if and how I could do this?


You could use an iframe, but that would be a crappy workaround and require you to login to the iframe.


You could “rebuild” the web interface that phantombot has on your website, and then have your website communicate to your bot through the API’s:

This way is less secure, and assumes your admin panel already checks for if a user is an admin or not.

I personally built a section of my website just to admin the bots I control. It doesn’t have all the features of the web panel built into the bot, but it has the majority of what I need (and I can always add onto it). Mostly just need the point/user modification, as well as setting the stream info. But of course, your use case may be different.


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