Introducing The NEW PhantomBot Control Panel


That’s weird. Are you clicking anything afterwards? Because if the bot is saying it was ran, that means it was sent to the bot and it gave us a reply back.


No, just entered the command. Now I tried it and it worked, then tried it again and it didn’t, so it seems to alternate between working and not working. I also noticed that there was a delay of a few minutes when I entered a command through the console. Possibly related to number of viewers in stream? Idk


Unless the bot is being hammered constantly there shouldn’t be a delay. Each time I click a command from the list it works. So that is interesting. Is the bot trying to say something in the channel when you run a command?


Nope, bot doesn’t say anything in chat. But it seems to be randomly working here and there, but when it doesn’t work, the bot doesn’t say anything in chat.


I’m excited to try this. Please tweet out an update when the blog link is live again. Right now, showing 404. Thanks!


The blog should be live. It’s working fine for me.


I think your bot might be getting affected by the command cooldowns. Can you go to the permissions tab, and make sure that your bot has the Caster permission?


Works with stable!


Yes, the bot has the caster permission. I’ve tested it more, and it seems to have no problem with the commands when the stream is offline. When the stream is online, sometimes it will post it. Other times, there will be a several minute delay. So I’m thinking it may have to do with the number of viewers in the stream? The bot is in a channel where average viewership is around 1,000.


with this new beta-panel will there be like nightly builds for it just wondering as i seem of the features with it you are not able to use/access


On the Dashboard tab will Game get auto complete again in the future


It was indicated in the blog post that some features are not done yet. The panel is not checked into the main-line area, so it is not slurped up during the nightly build. I will ask internally and see if there is a desire to have a nightly release either separately or included in the main-line.


Page isn’t loading (I use the German translation for the scripts).


The new panel will not have nightlys. As of right now, when enough features get added we will make a post on our blog. Once the panel gets merged into master, there will be regular nightlys.


This is what i get. I’ve done everything to a tee according to the instructions . Chown is done on the /web/beta-panel as well for botuser. botlogin has betap=true. Is this happening because its https?




This means you didn’t add betap=true in your botlogin file.


Hmm, but I did.


Did you restart after doing so?


Restart the service or server? Because i stoped the service before doing this and started it and i’ve done so several times, although i have not restarted the server.


I meant the service, yes. Double check to make sure that there’s no space after “true” because that could cause issues.