Introducing The NEW PhantomBot Control Panel


I see. But please keep in mind if this may become possible in the future.


Hi! I can’t seem to download the new file from the blog post. The link takes me to the ZelCloud site and makes me sign in. I am on a Windows computer


Hey, I literally was just able to download it to set up the panel for a friend. So it should be working correctly. Try this link and let me know what happens.



It worked!!! Thank you!!!


I have another Question!
How do you transfer the ranks from the last version to this one? I set up some global ranks and they didn’t transfer…


The new panel has a bug:
If you add some word to the blacklist in the new panel, the filter does not work. But if you go back to the old panel and click “Edit” and “Save” on the same entry created in the new panel, then the filter starts to work.


Will be fixed in the next update


Now if this is almost an reality when we will have an pannel for the followers


That requires a different panel source base that handles multiple users and would pretty much require a server to run (who wants to give their home IP address out?). I have started to plan out how to do this with Spring MVC, and have been able to prototype the idea (more or less) with the Data Rendering Service. Since the idea would be to allow multiple permissions, even the new panel (as far as I know) isn’t entirely geared toward that.

I also will not commit a date to this.

Perhaps though, by a followers panel, you mean the ability to see their points, time, ranks, and custom commands. Have you looked at the PhantomBot DRS?



Just open IP:25001/beta-panel


panel finished ?


No it’s still a work in progress.



The beta panel works for me on my CentOS VPS. However, after a short period, I always get ‘Connection lost with the websocket.’

Is there something I need to correct at my end?