Introducing The NEW PhantomBot Control Panel


I had the latest, but tried to re-install everything anyway, and it seems to be working now ; might have done something wrong when updating the first time…

Thank you :slight_smile: !


Glad that fixed it!


I wonder will the new panel look like this in future ?

Btw new panel look amazing :slight_smile: Cant wait for all options :slight_smile:

I can just hope will be soon :slight_smile:

Also i wanna ask will be dashboard editable ? I mean chat and other stuff to be moved ? And some parts from the main panel too, alerts and other stuff. Adding widgets from main panel will be also good.

Kind regards


Our main priority right now is getting the panel done with all the current features the main one has. Since this panel is single user only, it won’t have the profile pictures and what not. Widgets are planned for the future though.


Im having a problem with my currency in the beta panel. It says my viewers that followed have 10 Tokens and everyone else has 0 eventhough I set the payment as 1 per minute so those who have been in my chat for 2 hours should have 120 + the 10 instead. It simply doesnt count the idle in chat 1 token per minute. token is what I named my currency.

And just to know in advance, currency will be able to be used in games in the future?


The beta panel currently has a bug that make it so the settings you set don’t get applied. I would recommend setting them on the current stable panel. Also, currency can already be used for games, some of them you need to set a cost on the command.



With the release of v1.1 of the beta panel, we’re moving to a new thread. Please move discussion to that thread. Thanks!