Invest Command (bank with interest )


Below is a little cool bank system i have created…
it comes with 3 main command’s…

  • !bank - which will check your own bank
  • !invest - to invest in points
  • !withdraw - withdraw point u have invested

!bank also have a 5 extra sub command

  • !bank add - adds to someones bank
  • !bank check - check other users bank
  • !bank interval - set the time rate for the interest
  • !bank interest - set the percent of interest
  • !bank payout - toggle the interest on and off

bankSystem.js (8.8 KB)
system-bankSystem.js (1.8 KB)


Im kinda new to the whole Phantom bot custom script scene. Could you give me a quick walk through on how to install this script for my discord server? Looks like an awesome idea! :smiley: thank you in advance!


This is for twitch only but i could maybe make it work for discord id have to look at the discord end of code tbh


aww. Anyways. If you’re feeling nice just help a guy out hahaha. If you don’t want to I fully understand. Thank you for replying :smiley:


@Rian what would it do in discord? just be able to check the bank not gain anything?


I have added a command to enable and disable the online check (example: !bank online) will toggle it on and off

bankSystem.js (10.3 KB)
system-bankSystem.js (1.9 KB)


Teeny tiny typo:
I’ve fixed in mine, but “Online chack has been enabled.”


ok got it line 6 of the lang file :slight_smile: