Is it possible to have the bot join a voice channel and play the yt playlist?



As the title states is it possible to join a voice channel in discord via the bot? Allowing it to have users in discord the ability to listen to song requests that come through the stream. I am new to programming and such, so if there is away how would I start going about it?


Unfortunately, no. The audio doesn’t come from the bot, but from the web browser being used. The only way to export audio into Discord (that I am aware of, and perhaps @kojitsari can clarify further as he has worked on an “audio bot” for Discord before) is by reading files and streaming to an audio channel. As it violates the YouTube Terms of Service to download [audio] files from their service, we cannot set up a service either to download the audio as the PhantomBot YouTube Player is playing it and stream it to Discord.


Easy way violates ToS as indicated, more complicated way involves re-streaming directly from YouTube. Either way it’s a severe resource, and developer time hog which is why we have zero plans to implement it.

There are already hundreds of MusicBots to chose from for Discord.


What some folks have done (and I tested once) is using a third-party software to re-route the audio from a web browser into a virtual channel that you can capture on Discord.


Thank you, i will for sure try this out. Also Love the bot :).