Is there a way for the bot to whisper responses to people?


How do I create a command where the bot will respond to the user with a whisper? Is there a way? Thanks!


There is, however if the user isn’t following your bot account, or has never whispered it before, the bot won’t send the whisper - this is how Twitch works now. You can enable whisper mode by using !togglewhispermode in chat.


Yes, I have whisper mode enabled. But how do I make it so that only certain specific command responses to be whispered to a user? E.g., if I have 10 commands in my stream… how do I make the response to command #3 a whisper? Thanks.


well you can use the following for custom commands: “/w (user) Command”

you can use it for every command that has custom texts :smiley: i use it for my Points command

Input: !points
Raw Output: /w (user) Hello (user) , you currently have (pointsstring) to spend!
Whispered: Hello USER you currently have AMOUNT POINTNAME to spend


Ah, thank you, that’s what I was looking for.


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