JACKPOT In Discord!



Hello everyone. Im very new to coding in general. However i have a really cool idea that i think a lot of you would be interested in trying to make a reality. Here it is.

A simple jackpot system using the points already integrated in the discord module.

How it would work:
A group of people place the amount of points they want into a pot
The pot then rolls after a certain amount of time
The more points you put in the pot. The higher your chance of winning the specific pot
Winner takes everything in the pot.

Additional features:
There should be a timer to tell when the pot is going to roll.
Users should be able to place their points in a pot more than once (add points to already added points)

PS: This is very similar to the CS:GO jackpot system and can be used by people who love the fun of playing jackpot but not losing any ‘real’ money.Really hope this idea can become a reality. :v: