JACKPOT In Discord!



Hello everyone. Im very new to coding in general. However i have a really cool idea that i think a lot of you would be interested in trying to make a reality. Here it is.

A simple jackpot system using the points already integrated in the discord module.

How it would work:
A group of people place the amount of points they want into a pot
The pot then rolls after a certain amount of time
The more points you put in the pot. The higher your chance of winning the specific pot
Winner takes everything in the pot.

Additional features:
There should be a timer to tell when the pot is going to roll.
Users should be able to place their points in a pot more than once (add points to already added points)

PS: This is very similar to the CS:GO jackpot system and can be used by people who love the fun of playing jackpot but not losing any ‘real’ money.Really hope this idea can become a reality. :v:


From my knowledge of the CSGO Jackpot system, which if you asked my friends I can guess the outcome to within 10% almost every time, it runs off of an algorithm that generates a “random” hash before the game starts. This means the winning percentage on the wheel is predetermined before the first bet is made and encrypted to ensure “fair play”. By winning percentage I mean the number between 0.0000000 and 100.0000000 that is referred to as the winning ticket. Coin flips operate under the same system on those sites by the way.

So to do this, the creator would have to either program a system like that into the module or, if even possible, hook and query (sorry if I used the wrong terms) a website that allows you to input names in a randomizer with different and accurate odds and post the results.