[Java] Youtube Playlist Importer



Today I wanted to release something to the community that should be helpful.

I know that Scania has released a Youtube Playlist Importer as well, but this was something I wrote so I could learn a bit more about the api.

As this is wrote in Java it, in theory, should work on Mac/Linux/Windows (so long as they have a GUI). I personally only have windows devices to test on, so I could be mistaken (and if so let me know).

Notice: This tool will generate a “config.json” file along side where ever the tool is stored. This file will hold a copy of your auth key, and a 0/1 boolean value for the startup message. This tool only communicates with the Youtube API. If you are uncertain about it saving your key, I’d say just don’t use it. I do NOT have the code uploaded to a repository, but if I must, I can.


  1. Download the jar file from the link below (it’s a link to my website)
  2. Run the jar file by double-clicking on the YoutubeImporter.jar
  3. Insert your Youtube Auth Key into the Auth Key field.
    3.1 See How To Obtain your Auth Key Here
  4. Insert your Playlist ID into the Playlist ID field.
    4.1 Your playlist id is everything after list= in the youtube URL.
  5. 1 Click Get Songs.
    5.2 A popup will appear once the current playlist is finished.
    5.3 If you want to add more playlists to yours, just repeat steps 4 and 5.1.
  6. Click Save Playlist
    6.1 Title the file something unique, pick a folder, and save the .txt file
  7. All done

Download: Click here to download

If you have issues running the tool, can’t import a playlist, or other misc. errors related to it, please post on this thread only. I will only give support here. Please provide the playlist ID if you have one.

Here’s me running a “Stress test” to see if 5k videos import:


Load a whole Youtube Playlist (3000+ Songs)

Hello all,

I’ve just posted an updated file to the website. I noticed a few Deleted/Private videos could sneak their way through my code, so this update should fix it.

Just click the download link and you’re all set. The configuration file was unchanged, so all you need to do is replace the .jar file.