Just a typo I think?


Is the 2 lines below ment to be the same reply @IllusionaryOne

$.lang.register('dataservicehandler.status.success', 'Data has been sent and loaded.');
$.lang.register('dataservicehandler.status.authentication_failed', 'Data has been sent and loaded.');

I also noticed that it has your name in the following places shouldn’t it be $.ownerName

apiStatus = $.dataRenderServiceAPI.postData(JSON.stringify(jsonObject), "illusionaryone", "commands");
apiStatus = $.dataRenderServiceAPI.postData(JSON.stringify(jsonObject), "illusionaryone", "quotes");


Not for the Alpha test, I run under a channel not my own. Will fix the message.

This is also why the URL is localhost and not my server.


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