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PhantomBot Version: 2.4.2
OS Version: Windows 10
Java Version:1.8.0_191
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):Not needed
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

Wondering if there is a way to use (touser) in keywords. Example of what I want to do will use bob for the example:
Bob: Hello
Bot: Hello bob welcome to the stream.

Not sure if there a way to code into how keyword is setup atm


The keyword system does not support tags. Unless stated explicitly that a system does (this should be in documentation) you can assume that they do not.

Numerous checks like the custom command system requires to handle the tags results in a performance hit, which is why it’s avoided for most modules.

If you’d like to code the functionality yourself, take a look at the custom command script for an example.


(touser) is meant to be a parameter, as in:

command bob

This is a keyword and doesn’t have a parameter so it doesn’t work.

You want to use (sender):

keyword add sendto Hello there, (sender)
[12-03-2018 @ 19:59:25.930 MST] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, keyword "sendto" added!
[12-03-2018 @ 19:59:30.133 MST] illusionaryone: sendto
[12-03-2018 @ 19:59:30.137 MST] [MUTED] Hello there, IllusionaryOne

Be sure to review how the tags work, in particular read the difference between (sender) and (touser).

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