List of commands that a viewer can use


Hello, I have not found a specific command for this in the commands list. Maybe I have not used the best words for the research, in this last case please forgive me for opening this topic.

Anyway: I was wondering, how can a normal viewer check all the commands that he can use?

The bot could also check if a certain viewer has written for the first time in the chat and, in this last case, send a welcome message that can include something like "for the list of commands that you can use type command " ?

In this way a new user could immediately check which games he can play, etc…

Thanks in advance


If a user uses !commands it shows what they currently have available for their permission level.


But that is just for the custom commands.
Let’s suppose that a user arrives on the stream page, how can he know that he can play 8ball writing !8ball ?


You can write a custom command that tells them.


You could use the !botcommands command, by default it is set to administrators only.


Thank you very much, I’ve set it so that a viewer can use it.

Now I only miss a way to give a sort of welcome message to a user that types for the first time, or maybe I can have the bot writing periodically something like “use !botcommands to know which commands you can use”


There are Greetings and Notices in Phantombot


Thank you very much!