Logging in control panel via Twitch Authentication


I think it would be nice to be able to log in to the control panel via Twitch Authentication (specify redirect url in like botlogin.txt or something) instead of using a username and password. And then allow only ‘admins’ to be able to access the control panel


This will not happen with the current panel implementation. Regardless of how it authenticates login, the panel is designed for use by one person.


…also, each user would have to register their own application with Twitch. You cannot put a redirect URL in botlogin.txt, the redirect URL is provided to Twitch when you register an application for authentication. This is a security mechanism built into OAUTH2. Otherwise, malicious users could hijack applications, looking like they are a trusted application, and redirect you to any other server that they want to if the keys are ever compromised.


I meant having them register the application as well but I can see it being a hassle for the average user and a lot of extra code for a feature that would be optional to use and may not be used much


I understand. I was working on a newer Panel that does allow for multiple users, then got sidetracked, and that does use Twitch Authentication, it is just that, unless I perhaps setup a redirect service myself for folks from my own server, I am not sure how to easily have Twitch have configurable redirects. So, it does require an additional application to be setup by each individual and to install those keys. Maybe that is ok for the few (I think it’s few!) folks that run a VPS and want to give out access to multiple people.

I am hoping to make it back to that newer Panel at some point for multiple users, it just requires a huge amount of time and lately my real life job has been sucking up more of that than usual!



i would love a multiple user login for the bots im running for a few streamers :smiley: