Logviewer integration for mod logs on Discord


Many established Twitch channels use Logviewer (https://cbenni.com) so that moderators can track user chat logs.

In the mod logs that PB posts to Discord, like these:

it would be great if the bot could append at the end of the message something like this:

With the fields populated for the channel and the user in question.

Of course, not everyone uses Logviewer, so this could possibly be a setting that has to be enabled in the webpanel.


As indicated in another post, we are limited to how much text we can send. So, do you want the Last Message being truncated further to support the URL? Otherwise, the URL may not ever appear.


If the delete message was some kind of copypasta or the offensive part was at the end/middle of a longer message, the message excerpt is not very useful. If it were me, I’d like the option to see the full message of what they said + context in Logviewer (via a URL) instead of the truncated message.

But I guess that introduces other variables, like channel name length + potentially extremely long username lengths, so it might be a lost cause if there’s a message limit.


Yes, both Discord and Twitch have message limits. These things are outside of our control.


Anyway, from here, this needs some upvotes, then we can see what is possible.



If so enabled:

Available in 1717


@IllusionaryOne is it possible to get this up on bans/unbans? Works like a charm otherwise


Found a bug: doesn’t generate cbenni link correctly for users with Display Names.

e.g. https://cbenni.com/vale?user=バキツださ

The name that logviewer goes by is “tombiscuit”

I’m not sure actually if what logviewer uses is the display name or the actual username.


This is a new request. Closing this one as it was completed.


This is a bug, not a feature request.