Lost Connection to Twitch


PhantomBot Version:
OS Version: Ubuntu 16.04.3 Raspberry PI 3 Model B
Java Version: Openjdk 8
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):
Stock PhantomBot: Yes


I cant Start my Phantombot.

Lost connection to Twitch WS-IRC. Reconnecting…

Sorry for my Bad English!

What can I try to fix this?



It looks like you are unable to connect to GitHub as well. Are you having network issues? Is this the first time installation? Has it worked before? Depending upon your answer, I may refer you to another post dealing with Pi and HTTPS issues.



Yes it is my First Time… No Network issues…

Fresh Ubuntu Installation on Raspberry and Fresh Phantombot… I follow the Installation Guide but it wont Work… I dont know Why…


Known problem on Pi and Ubuntu as well as Raspbian. I found people with similar issues, not PhantomBot, but also connecting to HTTPS sites, with that hardware and OS combination.

You might need to follow this:

Beyond that, I can really only personally support the OS that I have installed on my Pi, which isn’t Ubuntu. This jist is…

One more google recommendation is that Pi does not have the up to date NSS (security) library for the latest version of OpenJDK 8. I did notice my version of Debian uses Open JDK 1.8.0_40, and you say you are at the latest version. [Version 40 is ancient by the way]

I was having one more error with certificates for some websites, the recommendation was to go to the Oracle version of the JDK. I did that and it works fine now. [Which is the suggested fix]

You could try a quick fix, but you might need to follow the directions from DigitalOcean to setup the Oracle Repository (I didn’t need to):

As root I installed:
apt-get install oracle-java8-jdk

Then ran:
update-alternatives --config java


sudo update-ca-certificates -f

If you do not have sudo setup, then login as root and:

update-ca-certificates -f


Ok so the best Working Solution is:

In Stall Ubuntu Mate and oracle java?



If you are already using Ubuntu, try to follow the directions to install Java graciously provided by DigitalOcean. They should work in any version of Ubuntu. Do not install Java 9, only Java 8.


Ok can I deinstall java in the Terminal?

I get Erros - Picture - trying this
sudo apt-get install default-jre


You have other issues going on. Note that you are unable to resolve a hostname as well from there (ports.ubuntu.com). That hostname resolves fine for me.

More information here:

Try this from the command line:
nslookup ports.ubuntu.com

Your whole issue may even just be DNS failures and not Java/HTTPS failures (or both).



Is my Network Interfaces wrong?


That indicates that you cannot get the configured nameservers. This is either due to that name server not being allowed by your ISP, Linux route, router misconfiguration, or any other number of things. Unfortunately, I cannot really troubleshoot from here. You could try other DNS servers and see if they work. Those are the Google DNS servers, I have seen them blocked by ISPs that some of co-workers use.

Otherwise, my best suggestion would be asking for support from the Ubuntu forums for your flavor of Linux.


Ok Thank You!

I reinstall all and try it again and Change DNS.

I dont want to Pay 8 Euros per month for nitrado… I hope i get phantombot to Work on my Raspberry…



After you reinstall, assuming you are plugged in via ethernet and using DHCP, let the device pick up everything automatically. Use nslookup to make sure you can find a few services/sites (www.twitch.tv, ports.ubuntu.com, api.github.com, irc-ws.chat.twitch.tv). If that works, then try to just start PhantomBot before patching Java. If you still do not have the ability to lookup hosts, check the DNS on your other devices, like your PC (I assume you have a PC you stream from) and use that DNS.


Ok Thank You again!

I will try this.


Thank You so much!

Phantombot works!!!

Thank You!


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