Making Two Bots Interact


Hello everyone; I’ve just started playing around with PhantomBot and was trying to recreate something that a friend’s previous bot program was able to do. We created two unique instances of his old bot and then we were able to have them both in his chat at the same time and we were able to have both bots “talk” to each other by issuing a command that was in one bot, which included some text and a call for a command that was in the other bot. We could have them go on running through full scripted conversations which was cool when he went to breaks or moved into a new segment of his stream (think R2D2 and C3P0 talking back and forth to keep chat entertained while things switched over). So far, when ever I try to have Bot A issue a command that is in Bot B, Bot B doesn’t recognize the command. But, if I issue the command as myself, it works just fine. Am I missing something, or is this currently not doable in PhantomBot?


I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible, but have you enabled any sort of logging for your bots?

If you could show the chat logs (omitting names as needed) it would show if the bots are picking each other up or not, and you could go from there.