Modify the random command for "family friendly" streamers



Not a feature request so much as a suggestion

So I haven’t really dug into the lang file for the !random command (which I will be soon), but I’ve noticed there’s quite a few responses in there that aren’t exactly “family friendly”.

The only reason this is a problem is there’s no way to know this unless you A) dug into the file and read all ~280 messages or B) someone used the command in chat.

A couple examples that I’ve seen pop up:

I may be a Twitch bot, but watch, one of these days you will find a spoon up yo ass when you use !random. One of these days...
(random) shoved a spoon up (sender)\'s ass.
Panties, Panties, and more Panties!
(random) I\'m sorry for what I did to your mother in bed, she said it be fine if I used the spoon, but it all went wrong!!

I personally don’t have an issue with (most of) them being in my chat, but it may be worth going over these a second time to make sure they fit ‘everyone’ as that’s what this bot was made for.


Some of those are a bit too much, I can agree with you on that.


Should we have a “Family Friendly” file by default and offer a download of a more PG-13 version? The other option is to create entries that are marked as PG-13 (I use this term loosely) and a toggle would load those on top of the Rated G items.

Thinking out loud here, fishing for opinions.


Hmm, good question.

Which would you think would put less work on you guys as developers?

Just marking them as a pg-13, or a secondary file that would have to be loaded? Because either way you’d have to modify the existing lang file, but the toggle would cause you guys to write in a “system” for it, wouldn’t it? Whereas the secondary file could just be placed in the (custom?) lang directory and a bot restart to load the entries.


I am inclined to have a toggle for pg13 mode and then have the language file like:

$.lang.register('randomcommand.1', '(sender) was thrown into a large pit of PJSalt');
$.lang.register('randomcommand.pg13.1', '(sender) is a real asshat.');

Then having like a 70/30 chance or something to pick a G or PG-13 response, then the usual logic to pick a random saying. A little bit of overkill, but would keep it (somewhat) simple.


That sounds like a good concept, that way even when enabled you’re not getting overloaded with the PG-13 replies.


I will make a user story. See when we can get this done :slight_smile: