Multiple casters


I tried looking for this but could not find it as a feature. We use Phantombot on a channel with multiple casters. I’d love to be able to have an option to set a caster before they stream and have alerts tailored to them. Such as twitch and twitter accounts.

For example: (This is in my head)
!setcaster [Twitch ID] [Twitter ID]

!setcaster Klutzleo Klutzleo


Phantombot: Hey everyone! Please support and follow [Twitch ID] at[Twitch ID] and[Twitter ID]!!

(Phantombot: Hey everyone! Please support and follow Klutzleo at and!!)

Maybe someone has a better idea, but in our situation, This would be awesome.This may not be difficult to implement as a custom script…I’m just not there yet.


Like this?

[11-13-2017 @ 17:40:08.440 MST] [CHAT] A caster has not been set yet!
setcaster IllusionaryOne IllusionaryOne
[11-13-2017 @ 17:40:16.462 MST] [CHAT] Setting current caster to Twitch: IllusionaryOne Twitter: IllusionaryOne
[11-13-2017 @ 17:40:17.694 MST] [CHAT] Hey everyone! Please support and follow IllusionaryOne at and

Place the below in your scripts/custom directory.
casterCustom.js (1.6 KB)


I think this is exactly what I am looking for. If I wanted to convert it to just have twitter, I would just modify the script and remove all of the twitch strings I assume. There was something else I had an idea on for multiple casters but it will have to come to me another day.

Thanks, IllusionaryOne. I owe you!


If you didn’t want their Twitch ID at all, you would have to also change the reference from args[1] to args[0] when values are set (second argument [args[1] goes away) – if I follow what you want to do.

If you just want to make another command like !castertweet

        if (command.equalsIgnoreCase('castertweet')) {
            if (!$.inidb.exists('caster', 'twitch')) {
                $.say('A caster has not been set yet!');
            $.say('Hey everyone! Please support and follow ' + $.getIniDbString('caster', 'twitch') + ' on Twitter at ' +
                  '' + $.getIniDbString('caster', 'twitter'));

        $.registerChatCommand('./custom/casterCustom.js', 'castertweet', 7);


You can also use the Follow Intent link with Twitter (looks a tad uglier in chat though):

It presents a slightly different experience for folks when they go to follow in Twitter. Probably just extra spam in chat though as I think about it, but wanted to mention it.

If you want to see an example: