Multiple Users



There’s been multiple posts about this, and the answer is no, PB does not support multiple logins (users).

Any plans to change this? This, specifically, is now the SOLE reason why I won’t be using PB.

Just something to keep in mind, and consider for the future please. As far as I am concerned, there is NO way, multiple users are using the same logins.


AFAIK, the web panel was built to be used by only one person, (the broadcaster), as the server being used is a simple java based one, not fit for high traffic. If this is still a barrier to use, keep in mind that EVERYTHING that can be done within the web panel can be done via commands in chat.


Not wanting to sound pessimistic or stir or anything, so please don’t take it that way :slight_smile:

Just another question then based on your reply… How well does PB scale? How big of a channel can PB handle? I am moding (and soon managing) a new streamer that I intend to grow quite aggressively. Point Systems will play a big role, and hence it’s important to get the right bot with the right features, but that can scale too. Is this not PB, because I do hear quite a lot of good things about PB?

Will it handle 1K active chatters? 2K? 15K?


A twitch streamer who goes by the name of aimbotcalvin who I believe is a pro Overwatch player uses PB, and his channel has 3665 subs and just under 600k followers, and I’ve heard that the bot has never really had any issues. There used to be a JRE memory leak I believe that was affecting large channels, but has since been patched out.


PhantomBot can scale to handle pretty much any load fine, you’ll just need more resources on the hosting device. As stated by master_of_pants the remote access features of the bot are designed for a single user, and you can/will cause issues trying to use it with multiple people. Currently there are no plans to develop a solution for multiple logins.

If you really have a need for a multiple user panel your best bet is to develop a stand alone web application that hooks into the bot, or to find someone to do it for you.


Thank you guys.

As mentioned, there’s the !commands too I suppose. Will evaluate and play with PB some more then and see what can be done. Thanks.


I’ve placed PhantomBot in large event channels a few times, most of them were around 100K viewers and more. Like koji mentioned, for large channels you need a good system to run it on. You cannot run PhantomBot in a channel with 10K viewers on a PI, for example.