Need help to install phantom bot to MacBook


u still there


To unzip a file in MacOS simply double click the file, it will extract the contents into a folder.

Here, I double clicked the file:



when I download it all this showed up does that mean its already unzip


Yes. Now follow the rest of the directions on how to run PhantomBot from the Terminal for MacOS. If you skip right to the bottom, you just have to change how works; note that you may have PhantomBot in a different folder than Documents. Be sure to access the correct folder that you downloaded to.

  • right-click -> “Open With” -> “Other…” -> search for Terminal and select it -> check “Always Open With” -> hit “Open” Enable All Applications might have to be selected rather than Enable Recommended Applications
  • next time you wanna launch it: go to Documents/PhantomBot -> right-click -> “Open” -> click “Open”
  • next time you wanna launch it: go to Documents/PhantomBot -> just double-click

Beyond this, there is not much more I can say. We have provided steps that other folks have had success with implementing in MacOS.


how do I do that


Start the Terminal app and run the following commands. Documents/ being what ever folder you put the bot into

cd Documents/
mv PhantomBot-x.x PhantomBot - Note replace `x.x` with the current bot version.
cd PhantomBot/
chmod u+x
chmod u+x

then follow step 7 and onwards at


it wont let me copy and paste it in the terminal app


then type it in :slight_smile: or see if right click pastes? i dont know mac as i dont buy an over priced pc :slight_smile:


how do I do the space or drop a line without it removing it


each line is a new command in that example


I type it in the way it shows and nothing happen


first off is the PhantomBot-2.4.2 folder in your Documents folder?




I dont know it shows its in download folder


then do cd Download/


I move it to documents


ok now follow them steps 1 line at a time NOT all one one line


so I have to type in one line then enter do then do the next line


yes :slight_smile:


12%20PM it did not work