Need help to install phantom bot to MacBook


how do I do the space or drop a line without it removing it


each line is a new command in that example


I type it in the way it shows and nothing happen


first off is the PhantomBot-2.4.2 folder in your Documents folder?




I dont know it shows its in download folder


then do cd Download/


I move it to documents


ok now follow them steps 1 line at a time NOT all one one line


so I have to type in one line then enter do then do the next line


yes :slight_smile:


12%20PM it did not work


you did it wrong look at line 2

do 1 line at a time


I did do one line at a time


line 2 you did 3 of the commands on 1 line “cd Documents/ mv Phantombot cd Documents/”

also for the mv command the folder has NO space it has a - where line 3 you put a space




mv PhantomBot-2.4.2 Phantombot

NOOOOOO Space its a -




please read my replay above