New Twitch Extensions intergration


Twitch recently announced the Extensions feature. It would be cool to see some functionalities like leaderboards, songrequests, etc, integrated into that feature.

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I have to discuss further with my employer, but as I understand my contract, I am not permitted to develop using extensions.

Additionally, this is no different than if PhantomBot provides browsersource items that can be loaded by your stream, except it provides monetization options for developers and Twitch. There have been complaints already from developers not wanting to provide their tax information or cell phone information to sign up as developers.


And, unfortunately, I am not able to develop Twitch Extensions. There might be other folks on the team that may, but I am unable to.

The following are the reasons why:

Twitch does not use a third party code review system, at least, they do not document it. Instead, they are reviewing code that they demand to be non-obfuscated. This is silly, at work, I am required to upload code to a third-party service which can scan for obfuscated or not for security issues. It can also scan binaries without issue.

Rather, Twitch, a commercial service, is demanding source code to be handed to them for them to review. As such, I am not permitted, under the contract with my employer, to hand over source code to a commercial service in a non-obfuscated state. This results in a conflict of interest, Twitch may take any source code provided - this doesn’t mean that they do or that they will - but, code on a commercial system must be able to be protected if I am permitted to provide it.

This is a short coming of my employment contract where I work. That I understand. I already, when hired, pushed back and had my contract modified once to indicate that any open source software I develop remains the property of the open source project and not property of the company that I work for.

I know what some people would say - how would they find out? That isn’t the best question to ask and I wouldn’t use that as a reason to go against my employer.

I will see if I can talk more with Legal at my employer and find a way to be able to make this work, but for now, I, personally, cannot develop anything for Extensions.

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Thanks for shedding some light on this. I too was wondering about Twitch extensions and PB. Sounds like a lot of red tape. I hope someday it can be worked out.