New YouTube Player for PhantomBot


This is now in the main PhantomBot build.


What about clicking and dragging to move the position of a song?


This is awesome love the new look!


Maybe, just maybe, you can add a feature similar to nightbots autodj or youtubes autoplay?
As a streamer its hard to build a full playlist every time.
It would be nice if the youtube player played similar songs instead of awkward silence.
Gonna give this new player a try, thnx!


Ehh, guess it’s just me but I’m not a big fan of it.

I’m more worried about the current list of songs (be it requested or not) vs the video that’s playing. If we could resize/re-position the elements I’d me more welcoming to this change. Or at the very least a way to put everything back into a singular column and shrink the youtube video.

I mean design wise it’s great, just not for how I want to use it.


when closing the panel it does the log but doesnt anounce in the chat like it did before

Side Note:
When the darkmode is created will you be using the root colors from the other css file example below

:root {
    --header-background: #6441a5;
    --main-background: #1c1c24;
    --main-color: #6136b1;
    --ui-widget-content-border: #6136b1;
    --ui-widget-content-background: #6441a5;
    --ui-tabs-background: #1c1c24;
    --ui-tabs-active-background: #6441a5;
    --ui-state-hover-border: #6136b1;
    --ui-state-hover-background: #383838;
    --hyperlinks: #6441a5;


I main reason for this style was so user’s didn’t have to scroll down the entire page to see the playlist.


Oh yeah that’s understandable, I’m just not a fan of the giant video on the screen :stuck_out_tongue: more than anything. Because my main use for it would be playing music, not so much watching a video.


Fun thing with this one, it uses bootstrap rows, so I could add a toggle for a smaller player and wider playlists.


It won’t use the same colours, no. I’m not a fan of them but I’ll use variables.


Awesome the colors where just examples was just wondering about the variables system which is awesome :slight_smile:


No need for the img folder at all for the favicon on line 20 it should be
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
and for the logo on line 26 it should be
<img class="logo-header" src="/common/images/logo.png">


Yeah that was just there when I was making the page without the bot, I’ll remove it by the time I merge it into master. Thanks!


This new panel has 2 errors on IE which makes it not work on the program below


Internet explorer or Edge?


IE aka Internet Explorer


Yeah that’s normal, I know the issue, but I’m not supporting IE for now.


It’s just because the app I wrote uses SWT, which uses relatively outdated browsers:

Unsure if there is a way to force your built in browser to edge instead of ie


New update guys!

Here are the noticeable changes:

  • Dark theme
  • Toast notifications
  • Loading page

As always, if you find any issues or bugs, please let me know! Your feedback is always welcomed. You only have to update the ytplayer files in this update.


Might have to download this and take a look :slight_smile: